• Hoslab’s approach continues to be refined with its design, project management and service management all within a single organization. Hoslab has repeatedly confirmed that clients prefer contracting with only one entity for the services we perform. The process has continually strived toward becoming seamless as fewer steps are needed.
  • The designer/project manager/installer/servicer cannot pass off responsibility. Finger pointing is eliminated.
  • With Hoslab, the owner does not pay for a learning curve. The designer and project manager are co-employees who have delivered multiple projects together. Team chemistry is in effect the first day of any project.
  • The efficiency of our experienced design team translates to better schedule performance in both the design process and during installation.
  • A significant benefit for the client in the design build process is to realise a true custom design. With changes easier made in-house, the Hoslab process is less restrictive allowing the design to be dynamic.
  • In summary, Hoslab specialises in the design and construction of gas reticulation facilities on an industrial scale.