Shelley Watson
Director & Technical Manager
Shelley has extensive experience in the design and installation of medical and laboratory systems.She is the Managing Director and a founding member of Hoslab. She supervises company operations and spends a great deal of her time in design, tendering and project management.Shelley has a hands on approach with her clients and is available to discuss design, servicing and installation. The high level of quality and safety built into the medical and laboratory gas installation design is one of her trade marks.

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Ted Nassif
Director & Construction Manager
In the medical and laboratory gases industry since 1998, Ted has been involved in the management of a vast number and varied type of projects of up to $16 million value. His work includes all the technical aspects associated with the installation of reticulation systems catering for liquid nitrogen, oxygen depletion monitoring, major plant compressors, and vacuum plant design, coordination, installation and commissioning.

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